TrackPro introduces new version of tax-credit compliance software

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TrackPro Services and Heartland Properties today announced the roll out of their new version of comprehensive tax-credit compliance software. The Microsoft Windows compatible software, TrackPro Manager, was released to consumer groups.
TrackPro Manager, previously available in DOS format, is designed to help property managers perform day-to-day tax-credit monitoring tasks, ensuring compliance with IRS and state housing authority regulations.
"This software will help reduce the endless hours of paperwork needed to track tenant information and legal requirements," said Jill Schleis, manager-software development for Heartland Properties. "We've designed this updated version to include simple prompts and intuitive navigation so using the program is fast and easy."
Some of the features and benefits of the TrackPro Manager software include:
 - Analyzing tenant information for potential violations.
 - Performing pre-qualification checks to determine initial eligibility.
 - Calculating total household income.
 - Tracking applications and verifications to ensure completion of all paperwork.
 - Preparing reports, including tenant information, point-in-time tax credits, pending lease activity and event history status.
 - Automatically completing required reports for submission accepted by many state agencies.
For more information about TrackPro Manager or to place an order, call 800-742-5442 or visit the TrackPro Services Website at

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